Shopping on a Budget

The week on a food stamp budget hasn’t even started yet and there is already some irritability in the house just over the shopping list. Imagine if we were really unable to buy the food we want or need and how cranky everyone would be then. I guess our attitudes would be the least of our problems, huh?

I did my shopping today and made it $5 under budget with my $5 off coupon. However, I plan to use the cereal I bought last week at two boxes for $5. There’s about one and a half boxes left. Also, I have lunch meat from last week that I spent about $2.99 on. That pushed me a little over but I chose to buy ice cream for the family as a treat. It’s summer and what is summer without ice cream?! It’s a real decision a mom would have to make.


I’m going to “cheat” and eat the apples I bought about a week ago. My guys won’t be following the rules strictly. They’ll eat on the budget mostly but we do have snacks and other food stocked in the cupboards and I’m not hiding it or anything like that. I’m not making my kid go hungry for the sake of the challenge.

If you only had $22 to buy food for yourself for a week or $47 to buy food for your family, what would you buy? What would you give up?


One thought on “Shopping on a Budget

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