All I Think About is Food

Day one of the challenge and I’m already struggling. All I can think about is food.

9:30 am. So far I’ve had cereal with milk and a glass of juice plus I just finished an apple and I am hungry. Plus I’m getting a wicked headache from the caffeine withdrawals. I can’t afford coffee so can I afford the Advil? Probably not.

This is sad. I’ve just started this challenge and I can’t stop thinking about food. I think this is part of the problem. When you don’t have much money for food its going to be on your mind constantly. What can I eat next? When will I be able to eat again? It adds to the stress you are already feeling because of whatever situation you are in.

10:00 am. Is it too early for lunch?

10:09 am. Eating carrots out of lunch.

10:22 am. Kid finishing his sandwich and banana from his lunch. Oh and day camp was cancelled this week so that’s five more lunches that need to be prepared. This could get interesting.

10:49 am. Eating my bean and cheese burrito that I prepared last night. Added a 20 cent tomato that I had on the counter.

12:36 pm. Found some expired Tylenol in the medicine cabinet. I sure hope it works on this headache.

12:59 pm. Headache subsiding. Kid didn’t want his gogurt today. Considering eating it myself.

1:20 pm. Eating the gogurt.

2:07 pm. I’ll just keep drinking water and holding out for the pasta bake with broccoli I’m making tonight.


Ingredients for pasta bake.

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