Where’s the Produce

More things I won’t be able to afford: red bell peppers, avocados, popcorn, green beans, corn, dessert, coffee. Did I mention coffee?

cup of coffee

Last cup of coffee before the challenge starts.

All kidding aside… there is so much we can easily take for granted when money isn’t tight. The fact that you can’t purchase produce amazes me. I knew it would be hard but didn’t expect it to be nearly impossible.

Did you know that EBT is accepted at Farmer’s Markets? (Check the market near you to see if they accept EBT.) Great, right? It is something as advocates that we work hard to promote to both recipients and markets. But if you can’t afford fresh fruits and vegetables it doesn’t matter where you can buy them, you still can’t afford it. Here is an post about using EBT at the farmers’ market to maximize your budget. I realize that if this was “real life” and not just a challenge you would be buying food for more than a week at a time but I still don’t see how produce can fit into the budget and I doubt I would make a trip to the Farmer’s Market for the one or two items I could afford. What are we going to do about that?  You can find opportunities to speak out on the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano’s website.


1. EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer and allows CalFresh to issue money, accessible via a plastic debit card.

2. CalFresh is the name for SNAP in California. It used to be called Food Stamps.

3. I understand the purpose of this exercise is to help bring awareness to the issue of hunger in our state but the fact is we are just playing at being hungry. Feels disrespectful to the people who actual live with the real struggle of trying to feed their families on a limited income everyday. I hope it is understood that we are trying to bring attention and change to hunger in our communities because hunger affects us all and that we mean no disrespect.


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